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About Ksmart®.

Shaped as a “K”, Ksmarts allow for lateral flow testing.

Professional use only.
Rapid test for
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The strengths of the Ksmart®

/ Detection of primary infections for an adapted vaccination strategy

  • Simultaneous detection of SARS-COV-2 IgM and IgG.

/ Post-vaccination control of the immune response

  • Quantitative result for SARS-COV-2 IgG antibodies.

/ Longitudinal monitoring of the immune response

  •  Check whether the effectiveness of vaccination remains or decreases.
AVALUN - Ksmart Antibody rapid test

/ Imagine

« Monitor the adaptive immune response to COVID-19 vaccine with the LabPad… »

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Results in three steps.

Step 1.

Taking and depositing the sample.

Once collected, the biological sample must be dropped into the sample well of the Ksmart®, followed with the provided diluent.

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Step 2.

Insert the Ksmart into the insertion slot.

Depending on the Ksmart® test configuration made in the settings, the Ksmart® must be inserted either after waiting for 2 minutes after dropping the sample or after a specific time delay.

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Step 3.

Contactless Ksmart ejection.

To discard the Ksmart pick up your LabPad®, turn it facing down towards the floor above a biological waste bin or any other appropriate recipient for biological samples, and press the black button on the side.

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Features and performance.



Capillary whole blood


Test time

20 minutes


For IgG from 2 to 100 AU (Arbitrary Unit).

For IgM positive or negative.

Kit contents

Ksmart© SARS-COV2 Antibody IgG/IgM : 25

Pipette 20 µl: 25

Dilution buffer: 1


Shelf life

12 months


4-30 °C | 39.2-86 °F


AVALUN Ksmart Antibody Perfomance

Details available upon request

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Download Ksmart SARS COV2 Antibody
User manual.

Download the manual in different languages from the « Resources » page.