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LabPad+ Legals.


Intended to be used by healthcare professionals, LabPad+ is a smartphone/tablet application that connects via Bluetooth to AVALUN’s LabPad devices(1).  Once connected, LabPad+ allows to perform a biological test by associating to the result all the useful traceability information concerning the test performed, the operator, the patient and any contextual comments.

(1) LabPad devices are CE marked Point-Of-Care (POC) In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices manufactured by AVALUN which are authorized for use in European Community (EC) countries and in countries that recognize the CE mark.


Corporate name: Avalun SAS
Address: 7 Parvis Louis Néel, 38000 Grenoble – France
SAS with a share capital of 109 447 €
Publishing Director: Vincent Poher, President

Intellectual Property

LabPad+ is an original software developed by Avalun company and is its exclusive property. Laws of France and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property apply to the entire software application.

LabPad+ uses the FlutterTM UI toolkit from Google.

Privacy & GDPR for Europe

LabPad+ does not collect any personal information other than the email address, the name and the first name of the user as communicated during the creation of the user account. These data are not processed and are only used in order to authenticate the user when launching the application from the user’s smartphone/tablet.

The authentication process is based upon Cognito from AWS.

Condition of use

LabPad+ is intended for healthcare professionals having the required qualifications to implement and use LabPad+ in connection with a LabPad® device in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Depending on the settings decided by the user when installing the application on the smartphone/tablet, LabPad+ may be allowed to store personal information about patients and their biological results locally in the device’s memory. In that case, those information are stored on the smartphone/tablet on the sole and complete responsibility of the user after the user has certified that such a storage is allowed by applicable laws and regulations and that all necessary precautions were taken to comply with such applicable laws, regulations, codes of conduct, standards of good practice and guidelines.