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About Tsmart®.

Shaped as a “T”, Tsmarts allow for a unique range of testing techniques, including direct clot detection for PT/INR.

Rapid test for
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The strengths of the Tsmart®

/ Reliable

• Direct clot detection technique ensuring excellent correlation with core-lab instruments.
• Individual pouch to ensure reagent stability.
• Unique pre- and post-analytical optical Quality Controls.

/ Ergonomic

• 3 μL capillary whole blood sample.
• 3D shape for easy handling.
• Embedded datamatrix for automatic batch calibration reading.
• Touchless Tsmart® ejection for operator safety.

/ Complete

• 2 levels of Liquid Quality Control.
• Available for professional use with LabPad® Evolution and self testing with LabPad® INR.

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/ Imagine

« The LabPad is a laboratory designed for patients who want to live in the moment… »

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Results in three steps.

Step 1.

SmartChip Insertion.

Open the pouch to take out the Tsmart® and insert it into the insertion
slot of the LabPad® Evolution.

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Step 2.

Apply the blood drop in one single go.

When the reader gets ready to perform the test, you have 2 minutes to
proceed to capillary blood collection and drop the blood on the curved
plate of the Tsmart®.

Step 2 Tsmart
Step 3.

Contactless SmartChip ejection.

To discard the SmartChip, pick up your LabPad®, turn it facing down towards the floor above a biological waste bin or any other appropriate recipient for biological samples, and press the black button on the side.

Step 3 Tsmart


Features and performance.



3 µl capillary whole blood
Optional sampling tool available

Test time

<1 minute

Range of results

INR 0.8-8
PT 7.2-72 seconds
QT 10-110 %


2 levels

Kit contents

12, 24 or 48 Tsmart© INR microcuvettes

Shelf life

18 months


15 to 25 °C | 59 to 77 °F


Tsmart Performance

Initial clinical validation study at Grenoble University Hospital.

Tsmart Performance 2

Multiple additional studies conducted in real-life routine conditions confirmed excellent performances.

Details available upon request

Download Tsmart® INR
User Manual.

Download the manual in different languages from the « Resources » page.