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About Ksmart®.

Shaped as a “K”, Ksmarts allow for lateral flow testing.

Professional use only.
Rapid test for
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The strengths of the Ksmart®

/ High performance

• Sensitivity: 93.18%.
• Specificity: 99.32%.

/ Automated Reading

• Embedded datamatrix allowing for worry-free test traceability.
• Reliable non operator dependent reading.

/ Increased throughput

• Result available within 5 to maximum 20 minutes.
• Connectivity for online reporting.

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/ Imagine

« The LabPad is a unique laboratory designed to multiply yourself… »

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Results in three steps.

Step 1.

Taking and depositing the sample.

Once collected and associated with diluent when required, the biological sample must be dropped into the drop zone of the Ksmart® prior to Ksmart® insertion.

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Step 2.

Insert the Ksmart into the insertion slot.

Depending on the Ksmart® test configuration made in the settings, the Ksmart® must be inserted either after waiting for 2 minutes after dropping the sample or after a specific time delay.

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Step 3.

Contactless Ksmart ejection.

To discard the Ksmart pick up your LabPad®, turn it facing down towards the floor above a biological waste bin or any other appropriate recipient for biological samples, and press the black button on the side.

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Features and performance.



Nasopharyngeal swab

Test time

5-20 minutes for positive tests
20 minutes for negative tests

Kit contents

Ksmart© SARS-COV2 Antigen : 25
Nasopharyngeal sterile swab: 25
Antigen extraction tube: 25
Antigen extract buffer (R1): 2

Shelf life

12 months


4-30 °C | 39.2-86 °F


AVALUN Ksmart Perfomance1

Sensitivity: 93.18%
Specificity: 99.32%

The above initial clinical validation study was conducted in China. Performances were confirmed in a randomized prospective study conducted in France in real life conditions.

Details available upon request

Download Ksmart® SARS COV2
User manual.

Download the manual in different languages from the « Resources » page.