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About LabPad® Evolution.

LabPad® Evolution is a handheld Point of Care (PoC) multi-measurements testing device, designed to assist healthcare professionals in direct contact with patients, wherever they are. It operates with a range of compatible single-use SmartChip tests, each SmartChip allowing for the performance of a specific biology test. Currently available SmartChip are for SARS-COV-2 Antigen, SARS-COV-2 Antibody and TP/INR rapid tests. Subsequent tests will focus on nutrition and cardiac markers.

Professional use only.
Use with
LabPad Evolution used with Ksmart and Tsmart
Tests LabPad Evolution AVALUN

The strengths of LabPad® Evolution

/ Two meters in one handheld device

Unique patented lensless technology.

/ Worry-free traceability

Test data (batch number, expiry date and calibration data) automatically read out from datamatrix.

/ Patient Identification

Connect to your smartphone, PC or optional barcode reader.

/ Immediate setup with LabPad+

Complementary patient identification APP for ANDROID and IOS.

/ Evolutive panel of tests


• SARS-COV2 Antigen Rapid Test

• SARS-COV2 Antibody IgG/IgM Rapid Test

• TP/INR test


• Prealbumin for undernutrition

• Cardiac markers


LabPad® Evolution in pictures.

AVALUN Phrases LabPad Evolution

/ Imagine

« The LabPad has been designed for professionals who need to test patients wherever necessary… »

AVALUN Picto Filaire

Results in three steps.

With Ksmart®

Step 1.

Taking and depositing the sample.

Once collected and associated with diluent when required, the biologic sample must be dropped into the drop zone of the Ksmart® prior to Ksmart® insertion.

AVALUN Etape 1 Ksmart
Step 2.

Insert the Ksmart® into the insertion slot.

Depending on Ksmart® test configuration made in the settings, the Ksmart® must be inserted either after waiting for 2 minutes after dropping the sample or after a specific time delay.

Etape 2 Ksmart AVALUN
Step 3.

Contactless Ksmart ejection.

To discard the Ksmart, pick up your LabPad®, turn it facing down towards the floor above a biological waste bin or any other appropriate recipient for biological samples, and press the black button on the side.

AVALUN Etape 3 Ksmart

With Tsmart®

Step 1.

SmartChip Insertion.

Open the pouch to take out the Tsmart® and insert it into the insertion slot of the LabPad® Evolution.

Etapes 1 Tsmart AVALUN
Step 2.

Apply the blood drop in one single go.

When the reader gets ready to perform the test, you have 2 minutes to proceed to capillary blood collection and drop the blood on the curved plate of the Tsmart®.

Step 2 Tsmart
Step 3.

Contactless SmartChip ejection.

To discard the SmartChip, pick up your LabPad®, turn it facing down towards the floor above a biological waste bin or any other appropriate recipient for biological samples, and press the black button on the side.

Step 3 Tsmart


Mobile-Health ready.

LABPAD+, a smartphone and tablet application for the secure transmission of HL7 data to a healthcare provider.

Onsite Near Patient Testing

1.Patient identification

2.Test performance

3.Result broadcast

Centralized Clinical Information System


Features and performance.



Ksmart® and Tsmart®
Touchless ejection to prevent contamination


1 000 results


Bluetooth Low Energy
USB B port

Power input

Built-in battery with charger

Operating conditions

15-32 °C | 59-90 °F


270 g


L 17.2 cm
W 7.4 cm
H from 2.0 to 4.6 cm

Accessories (optional)

Bluetooth barcode reader
Bluetooth printer

LabPad Evolution Box AVALUN
User Manuel LabPad Evolution AVALUN

Download LabPad® Evolution
User manual.

Download the manual in different languages from the « Resources » page.